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Irrespective of time and place, Yoga Playpen’s journaling tool allows you to focus on your needs.

Prompts and workshops are provided to guide and support you through your journey inward for you to be able to present the best of you outward.

Journaling has numerous benefits.

Are you searching for ways to improve your wellbeing, grow, and build better relationships? Are you bored of your routine and want to spark inner creativity and be more innovative? Are you unable to focus or find clarity, purpose and meaning in your life?

Yoga Playpen offers a journaling and self-investment tool that is competitively priced so that you can take the time to focus on your holistic wellbeing.


A freestyle journaling tool to collect your thoughts on a digital diary. Maintain your private and secure journal


Not sure what to journal about? Prompts and workshops are provided to guide you on your journey


Monitor your progress with our evaluation tool that provides a holistic overview of how much time you spent on each aspect of your wellbeing

Capture your reflection

Journaling is the first step to understanding ourselves better and how we connect to the world around us. It allows us to reflect on ourselves and remove self-doubt. Through the process of self-reflection, we create awareness of our gross and subtle bodies allowing us to transcend the limitations created by our mind. We come to free ourselves by understanding our purpose, realizing our potential, and allowing ourselves to grow at our own pace. By overcoming our obstacles and achieving our goals we feel empowered and aligned with the universe’s grand plan.

Yoga Playpen offers prompts and workshops built around the framework of the 5 bodies (koshas), further broken down into 6 categories appropriate for today’s global environment:

The Emotional You
The Mental You
The Physical You
The Professional You
The Personal You
The Spiritual You

Yoga Playpen


Yoga Playpen’s framework is built to breakdown each aspect of your being to understand the core of who you really are! It is further enhanced with specific program types from awareness, experiential to enrichment and transformation programs focusing on short and long term individual growth

Journalers with free access are provided with sufficient content and tools to get started. Paying subscribers gain access to our rewards system and additional customized content. We offer fair and competitive pricing and urge you to subscribe and support our team to research and create quality content relevant for the present day.

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